Honda Shadow Evolution

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The introduction of the first "Shadow" models was in 1983.

The "VT500C" introduced this year was available in Candy Wineberry Red or Black. The engine was 491cc OHC 3-valve, liquid-cooled V-Twin with a six-speed, shaft drive

83 to '86.
The "VT750C" also introduced this year was also available in either Black or Candy Wineberry. The engine is a 749cc SOHC 3-valve Liquid-Cooled V-Twin with a six-speed
shaft drive transmission.

The "VT700C" was introduced this year as a direct result of increased tariffs placed on Japan's
imports. The U.S. raised the import tariffs on engine sizes above 701cc. So the engine size was
reduced from a 750cc to 700cc to get the bikes into the U.S.he engine is a 694cc SOHC 3-Valve Liquid
Cooled V-Twin with a six-speed, shaft drive transmission from 1984 to '87.

The "VT1100C" model The new engine is a 1039cc
SOHC Liquid-Cooled V-Twin with a 5-speed, shaft drive transmission for '85 and '86.

The "VT800C" model replaced the "VT700C. The engine was increased
to an 800cc SOHC 3-Valve liquid-cooled V-Twin with a 4-speed, shaft drive transmission.

The "VLX" "VT600C" The engine is a 583cc SOHC 3-Valve liquid-cooled 52 degrees V-Twin
with a 4-speed transmission and chain drive.

December 17, 1982
New release of American-style sports bike "Honda NV750 Custom"
equipped with water-cooled 4-cycle, SOHC 3-valve, 45-degree V-twin engine

The VT750C Shadow debuted in late 1982 for North American markets,
and a nearly identical NV750 Custom launched in Japan for Honda's domestic market.
Both were propelled by a new 750 ccs liquid-cooled four-stroke dual-carburetor SOHC
three-valve 45-degree V-twin engine with a six-speed transmission and shaft final drive.

The Honda 125 is mainly for the UK and European market,
as it fits within the restrictions placed on learner drivers
in the UK and the light motorcycle license in Europe.
It also has a chain drive instead of a shaft drive

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